Introductions are in order...

Much of my personal style has been inspired by fashion bloggers, lookbooks and street chic, so with a little help from my friends I decided to put together a blog that not only chronicles my style but also features all things essential to me. My hope is to create a public outlet in which fashion forward, chic styles are displayed alongside spotlights of new and innovative musical talents.


Top - Forever 21
Skirt -BDG Pencil Skirt, UO
Bag - UO
Jewelry - H&M


Kendra said...

I am loving your hair and that yellow skirt!!! Fab!!!

FoxyCurly said...

@Kendra - thanks so much. You know it was actually a bit of a botched Wash&Go. haha. My friend who takes photos with me just "spruced" it up!

Anonymous said...

Cute hair! What did you use?

FoxyCurly said...

@Pilar - Honestly I didn't use much. lol
I think I just co-washed with Aussie Moist and I used some of Beyond the Zone's Noodlehead. It actually doesn't do much for me but I don't like to waste money so I'm just using it 'till its gone.

Then I tried diffusing it a bit to make it bigger, but when I went with my friend for the pictures she REALLY poofed it up.

Currently I'm pretty obsessed with Aubrey Orangics White Camellia conditioner as a Leave-In for wash and goes. Its perfect for me cause its moisturizing and still gives me hold, plus I hate gel. lol

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