Your Average Day in Life..

of a young dreamer, with a promising yet blurred future includes the following: a random jaunt to American Apparel, a profoundly funny yet thought-provoking 2hr long conversation in your favorite popular coffee shop and an impromptu photo session. It looks something like this...

Mid-day trip to AA for us = complete dominion of the dressing room!
Ultimately I decided the best fit was exactly what I came in with. ;)

Photographer and training and bestie, Jess.

Top - Tunic, UO
Bottoms - Jean leggings, Aldo Acessories
Accessories - H&M
Hairstlying - Twist-out, styled by Jess.


Kayraheart.fashion said...

AA definitely hab cool stuff..love their cropped tshirt and tights..And i love the tunic u hab on..especially the back and the print!

FoxyCurly said...

@Kayraheart.fashion, oh definitely, I actually ended up buying the black version of the peach colored shorts and purple stripped shirt.

Thanks though! ;) It was kinda chilly so I turned the tunic into a regular top, but even then it was still super short, it will probably be cute for a fall look with tights tho.

Jennifer and Sherry said...

i lOVE your cropped top! looks GREAT on you!

Jennifer & Sherry

Shade' ♡ said...

I love your top!


dblchin (double chin) said...

That top is real nice! I love how it cuts down at the bk!

Dylana Suarez said...

AWesome outfits!

Just came across your blog!


deNesha shevon said...

your such an inspiration<3

Jazz said...

I love your hair and your friends hair!!!

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