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I'm currently OBSESSED with finding the perfect faux fur vest for the Fall, while I've always been somewhat fond of faux fur jackets and trimming on coats I've never actually bought anything. Yet with the latest vests popping up this season I am seriously considering making the addition to my wardrobe.
Some personal faves: 

                               Urban Outfitters                                                     BB Dakota
                            Ecote Faux Fur Vest                                           Ashland Faux-Fur Vest
                                       ( UO )                                                               ( shopnastygal )

 Textured Faux Fur Gilet


Ayanna Michelle said...

Love that second vest. So cute!

Which people or characters do you think have influenced fashion or even your personal style?

FoxyCurly said...

I love the 2nd one too, it looks really fun!
To be perfectly honest I garner most of my inspiration from everyday people. I've never really been into following famous celebrities and I've never really been inspired by anyone in the limelight like that.

I've always felt like their style of dress is kind of contrived, you know? Like they have SO many people in the ear telling them what to wear. It doesn't feel personal.

I think its why I kind of gravitate towards fashion lookbooks, blogs and street fashion sites like chictopia. I could spend HOURS just browsing the photos of "Average joe" type chic people. Its just interesting to see everyday people with regular jobs who just have AMAZING style and a huge appreciation for fashion that is real.

That said there are a few "characters" that I think made a big influence on fashion, my favorite being Carrie Bradshaw (duh!). That entire show just represented the kind of lifestyle just about every young woman wants, you know? But even with that show I never LOOKED to Carrie for inspiration but I just had an appreciation for her style.

Sorry... I know this was kind of long! haha. I also have an appreciation for Rachel Zoe too.

What about you? Who inspires you fashion wise and who do you feel has a great impact on the fashion community?

Kayraheart.fashion said...

Defintely loving all the three types...All of them of different characters...i think i might be getting one of them Fall must haves!

ProperPosture said...

i have soo much fur it unbelievable. but i am yet to own a vest i really want one as well :).

P.S your hair is amazing.


Mystery Bruises said...

i loveee fur vests, ive been looking for one like the one in the 3rd picture for soo long! i am in love!

P.s Please come visit my new Vintage & Designer Store FAUX REAL!

Dee O. said...

I like fur too!!! I'm definitely looking for a vest or a coat now that it is getting so cold out!!!



im in a faux fur craze right now, awesome!
twitter: @FASHION_ICE

ABIGAIL NY said...

Love the faux fur vests, I want one so bad!


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